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 10 character Greetings!

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PostSubject: 10 character Greetings!   10 character Greetings! Icon_minitimeSun 28 Aug - 16:57

Hello all,

My name is Duarte, I am 25, from Portugal, and thrilled to meet such project!
I think myself of a flexible and adaptable human, wanting to challenge my comfort-zone.
I would like to say that my decisions are made rationally, with logic and impersonal analysis, but that wouldn't be completely true, since I am latin, and we tend to be a little inner voice-driven.

Imho, balance is a life concept and reference to have, as it is made of the "things in the middle". In fact, I believe that everything, moderation included, should be moderated.

I identify myself as an observer, rather than an adventurer or seeker.
Maybe because adventurer sounds too much fairy tale like, and seeking means knowing what you're looking for, which is definitely not the case.
All I know is that there is a big world to explore, and letting things come to us randomly sounds like a good (absence of) plan. Naif point of view? Certainly.

I am so eager to learn things from so many subjects that naming them would be excluding the great majority of them all. That's why I am fond of embracing denominations like polymathy and philomathy.

I am not very fond of tagging or labeling people, things, behaviors or ideas because defining is limiting; although I'm aware that we humans are very good at putting things in drawers.

I don't want to change the world, I don't aspire to change minds, wanting only to see what's out there with a little more detail of what can be done in the coziness of our homes, and grow from experience. I would like this journey to be diverse and whole, tackling as many subjects and fields as we feel like.

We will all hopefully get to know each other when preparing and organizing this project.

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PostSubject: Re: 10 character Greetings!   10 character Greetings! Icon_minitimeThu 1 Sep - 2:49

Hi Duarchie and welcome!

I really like your introduction, entering directly in contact! Surprised

I share with you this philosophy "of the middle", it's what I'm looking for too, although I have many things to (un)learn. I think an observer can be very complementary with Betty's and I's energies! Smile I'm more of an overthinker - can be very good to picture every details and solutions to eventual problems, picturing every single options but sometimes I can miss the thing just in front of my eyes-. And Betty is our sunshine I guess! She's full of energy, motivation and talent! Very Happy

Tagging can be useful sometimes, to have a quick picture... but for sure the more you learn about things, the more you see the limits of your ability to truely understand them, so of course a tag is never so meaningful.

Let's see how far we can explore the multiple possibilities of this big world all togethers! Surprised I'm happy to have you onboard!
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10 character Greetings!
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