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Welcome on our forum! Smile Please feel free to tell your thoughts about the project, ask your questions, etc... but also take time to have fun, enjoy the vibes, and meet the tribe you may join one day! Wink

If you don't know what this is about and randomly bumped here, there are the basic infos: http://www.lecole-buissoniere-99.webself.net/

L'école Buissonnière

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 How to use the forum

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PostSubject: How to use the forum   How to use the forum Icon_minitimeFri 5 Feb - 16:58

Apparently some of us have some trouble to understand how to use the forum.

So this page is a topic, or subject, where we all can write messages, and a forum is a kind of catalogue of different topics. Explore the forum to see it's structure. You have categories, sub-categories and the topics. And very usefull to know: you can go back to the homepage by clicking on the picture "L'école Buissonnière" on the top of every page.

Let's see how to post your first message: On the home page, you click on the first category "The tribe". Here you find all the people's introductions. To post yours you just have to click on "New Topic *" which is above and under the list of topics and on any topic also, next to the button "reply".
There you have to post a title (over 10 caracters I think, I couldn't find how to change this), and then you can write your message. Usualy on forums are some rules but here I think no one cares and I don't think we will have any problem of disrespect. Smile So don't be afraid to flood/spam the forum, if some informations need to be cleared we'll take care of taking it out of our blablabla Wink

To reply to a post/topic, you have to click on the "reply" button, above and under the topic you want to answer to. It's nice to say "hello/welcome" to the new comers, answer the questions, give your opinion on everything, share some music etc...

On the "writting page" you have a lot of little buttons. Smilies and page layout buttons, and also links, pictures and videos buttons. To use these it's kind of tricky sometimes, you have to try different things to understand the logic (when you use these buttons, a code appears on the message, it's a very simple code for example:
[ url = www.machinmachine.truc ] another name [ / url ] to put a web link on some of your words...).
So try, and if it doesn't appear as you would have like it to appear or if you made any mistake, you can edit your post by clicking on "edit" on the right-top of the message you just posted.

Ok this is enougth for a first lesson! Try, make mistakes, edit, ask questions when you don't know how to do something particular and enjoy, that's the best way to learn!

More informations here if you like
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How to use the forum
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