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 Greetings lovely people!

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Greetings lovely people! Empty
PostSubject: Greetings lovely people!   Greetings lovely people! Icon_minitimeSun 1 Nov - 17:53

Well it's such an honor to be the second post in a forum Shocked  such opportunity it's not common in Internet...

A brief history about myself:

When I finished the highschool I was on my way to the university. I wanted to study Forest Engineering. I'd  always been a shy guy and arriving uni was quite changing for me, is where I confirmed my suspicions: the world is a wide place and I wasn't alone! Soon I joined the linguistic volunteers to help incoming exchange students to find a place, integrate or anything they could need. I discovered how much I love this international enviroment...

I spent a couple of summers working with the daughter of a friend of my mom's farm and kennel. That  was my first travel by myself. Completely alone. And guess what? I LOVE THAT. The freedom  and also the thrill( specially because back then my english was way worse).

When I had the chance it was very obvious to me that I'd go to an exchange, and this is how I spend the most lifechanging year of my life in Czech Republic.There I met a ton of new people, and between some of those people there was people tat opened my eyes and showed me that "there's an alternative" I had no need to do a master after the degree if I didn't want to, I was free to do whatever I please wiht my life (all in all,  that's why is mine) I got in touch with volunteering, eco-villages, permaculture and all this alternative world.  Before that, I knew it  but it was somethign distant.
It was then when I remembered why I decided to be a forest engineer, the main reason is that I wanted to work outdoors. I'ts harder, usually less paid but this was/is my choice!

Now my bachelor is done ( one subject left, easy pie) and it's time to go out in the world!

Arrow I can offer lectures of:Wildlife knowledge and management, forest and land management, Botany ( theoretical and more applied), Biology ,Basic/medium Maths & physics, hydrology. Catalan, Spanish

Arrow Other skills:
I play the harmonica, I've done some martial arts ( kendo, tai chi and chi kung), I'm very interested in traditional medicine and medicinal/edible plants. I direct several rol playing games ( narrative and live). I also love to read and writte (prose and poetry)

Arrow I'd like to learn:
Drawing ( I suck), any language... Actually almost anything! I crave knowledge! so anything you want to teach I'm probably interested =D
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Greetings lovely people!
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