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 Languages classes

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What language would you like to learn/improve?
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PostSubject: Languages classes   Sun 1 Nov - 17:34

Ok there were only 10 occurancies for the survey sorry.
Here please tell us which language you speak, study or wish to learn and how you picture a good language class!

I speak french.
I'm learning english, german, spanish and chinese.
I would really like to learn polish and maybe to study japenese again (I forgot everything I learnt in high school)!

How I picture a language class:
Depending on which language, for french for example I would mostly work on the speaking and just write on the board the expressions we work on without asking you to read or write, so you slowly get use to french cause it's a rulebreaker language it makes no sense to directly learn those rules, french people write really bad unless they read a lot of french books so we would follow the natural way to learn french: first year just speaking and seeing, then if you go on, reading, then eventually writting!
For a more "ruled" language I would picture it with very short classes (20mn), 2 or 3 times a week maybe, with 5mn reminders during the days we don't have those classes (maybe during the lunch cause the memory works better with associations of different senses).
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PostSubject: Re: Languages classes   Sun 1 Nov - 18:02

Native in Spanish and Catalan, proficient in english

I have some basic french but it's really rusty and limited vocabulary...

Ihad some japanese too but I forgot almost everythign ( DAMN! It was a big effort the hiragana and katakana T.T)
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PostSubject: Re: Languages classes   Wed 11 May - 18:48

I am german and could teach that.
My english is pretty good too, since I use it everyday and often speak more english than german.
Besides that I am okish in French since I lived half a year in Senegal but I would like to get the times right for once.
Besides that I learned some Chinese last Semester and want to improve on that too. I guess finding a teacher there will be the hard part.
I am also slowly picking up some Polish from Dama but not so very much. She could teach us all I guess Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Languages classes   Sun 28 Aug - 17:53

I speak portuguese, english and a bit of spanish. I understand most of the french that is spoken, but cannot speak it, unfortunately.
I think I would be a good student of french and italian because they are latin languages and I am already half-way through.
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PostSubject: Re: Languages classes   

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Languages classes
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