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 Art classes!!

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PostSubject: Art classes!!   Fri 22 Jul - 9:45

Hello! What I'm offering to the tribe is "expression through art!"
I can do both practical techniques, and also guide and encourage self exploration and general healthy healing fun through art!

My ideas:

Since we maybe won't initially have a van, this cuts down the space we'll have for materials since we'll have to carry everything!
So I've been thinking about how to do art using recycled and found materials - leaves, wood, nuts, seeds in nature etc, and cardboard, cans, and other recycled materials etc.
I could still bring some paints and pretty threads and glue, but mostly while we'd settled in one space just make use of the surrounding resources! It's so easy to make your own charcoal too!

love and gratitudes,

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PostSubject: Re: Art classes!!   Wed 10 Aug - 13:55

<3 Can't wait!!! >_<

We'll surely have a van at the end, but anyway it can be very nice to use things we find while traveling! Sea shells, stones, pieces of crazy plants, recycled stuff, local magazines etc... it's like merging the art with the travel itself! Smile

And I would love to learn to make paints from nature, we should learn to craft it like in the old times! That would be so nice to be able to use the piece of earth we sleep on to paint the things we feel at these moments! *-*
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PostSubject: Re: Art classes!!   Sun 28 Aug - 18:10

I have a very rigid hand when it comes to drawing. I will certainly have the time to soften it with those terrific ideas!

What about documentaries, movies, ted talks, articles ??
I would like to keep up with what's happening in science and art matters.
I know we won't rely much on electric devices and internet, but surely we can prepare and download interesting stuff so we can benefit from food-for-though kind of information and knowledge. We could easily make a list of those to bring. Bytes don't occupy space, books do...
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PostSubject: Re: Art classes!!   Thu 1 Sep - 4:02

I have at least one tablet, it's quite a shitty one but it reads SD cards, which are quite cheap and can hold a lot of datas!
You're very welcome to gather things on your side already! I started too as well, with audiobooks in english, pdf books, some dancing tricks, tai chi... We can start a topic to keep in touch with this soon-to-be database, listing what we're adding to our device!
If we can have a solar panel it would be better... And a projector, would be just perfect! We could do so much with these! Surprised We could even use it for shows!
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PostSubject: Re: Art classes!!   

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Art classes!!
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