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 Hello fellow creatures

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PostSubject: Hello fellow creatures   Hello fellow creatures Icon_minitimeWed 11 May - 17:35

I am Fred and I really enjoy the idea of a nomad school.

Dama (my partner) and me wrote a message to Malika a couple of weeks ago and I will just copy parts of it down here.
She will write her own message in the board as soon as she is in the mood ;-)

We came across your magnificent idea of a nomad school through the Hitchgathering mailing­list.

Here's why we're infatuated with your concept:

We like the underlying philosophy that is reflected in your plan as well as in your rules. It speaks for critical minds and an undogmatic approach towards knowledge and people. We both love learning new things and constantly strive for doing that in our lives; and we know how important a fruitful surrounding is in fostering intentions and ideas. The nomad school seems like something that would give us the environment to follow our own ideas whilst constantly being exposed to new ones. The concept of mutual teaching is great and an enormous challenge in itself, since teaching others what you know is something that needs dedication and emathy towards yourself and others.

About us:

We are both passionate and experienced travelers with our preferred mode of travel being hitchhiking. Fittingly, we met each other last year in a place full of other weirdos - the Hitchgathering in France. Nevertheless neither of us has lived the nomadic life in its full range. We will both gain our freedom from our formal educational institutions this summer. We initially planned on giving up most of our possessions and journeying east towards China as the vague destination, but without any rush or concrete plans. But then we came across your idea, and couldn't resist writing you.

Thats as far as it goes with the two of us.
If you want you can check out my Coucsurfing or Trustroots profile (Fred:  https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/fred_sack  https://www.trustroots.org/profile/fredsack)

For those who can't, some more details about me:

I studied a Bachelor in Social Sciences (Sociology+Political Science) and am in the process of finishing my studies in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Research. I am currently writing my master thesis and dont want to! Additionally I study a Bachelor in Geography (mostly Human Geography) but even though I only need to write my bachelor thesis to finish it I won't do it for now. As in most social sciences the most important skill you learn is analysing complex situations on different social levels and either present it to others (which comes close to teaching) or put it onto paper for others to appreciate or throw in the trash. Also you learn many theories about how people interact, and how societies work or are assumed to work. Besides that you learn different methods of research (qualitative and quantitative including statistical analysis) but I dont expect anyone to be very interested in that.
Besides that I am very interested in many scientific topics, like philosophy, psychology, physics, anstonomy, anthropology, geology, environmental science and so on but not at all enough to teach any of those. I love books and I would really enjoy having a reading circle of some kind where we can read things together and discuss about them to share our oppinions and perspectives.

I did a lot of planless Hitchhiking especially in Eastern Europe meeting amazing people. I have traveled in Tansania for some 10 weeks in 2010 and I lived half a year in Senegal (2014-2015) which was a lovely experience. For our traveling I would love to continue as far east as possible. I really would want to experience Iran and China and all the countries inbetween but I dont expect us to come that far. But hey, who knows?

When it comes to other interests there are just so many.
I enjoy basically any kind of physical activities and I am decent and can teach some Juggling and Devil Sticks, Tae-Kwon-Do and Partner-Acrobatics (some may call it Acroyoga). Besides that I enjoy stuff like Badminton, Squash, Bouldering, Slacklining, Capoeira, Ninja! (dama is the champion) and am allways open to try new stuff!

I am decent in playing my Harmonicas, and can teach that to anyone interested and I am always looking for a chance to jam with some people Smile
I am also learning Guitar, but not at all comforatable playing with others. I just got a Guitalele for traveling and would very much enjoy to have someone to teach me stuff.

Also I love dancing to intensive music in a trancelike state, especially electronic or tribal (drums do the job) stuff for that purpose. But I enjoy music from almost any genre. I am not good with dancing with a partner since I rarely do it but I would like to learn some. Especially swing or rock and roll dance.

I am not too bad working with my hands since my father forced us to always help and I helped out working on construction sites when I was a teenager. Unfortunatly I don't have a particular education in that matter and would like to learn more, especiall about any kind of woodwork. I also want to learn more about plants and nature in general, especially when it comes to herbal medicine, survival techniques and things like that.

What I don't enjoy is dogmatism and people who whant to force their beliefs and lifestyle onto others. Doubt is my virtue and uncertainty is nothing bad. There are rarely definite answers and I think one should continuesly question ones own beliefs.

This sounds all so serious but I am actually pretty goofy when I get comfortable with people. Just slap me whenever I get anoying I can handly it Razz

So that should be more than enough about me I hope its not to much to get through. I am exited to figure this adventure out together and hope we will find a communal way to do so.

All the Best
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PostSubject: Re: Hello fellow creatures   Hello fellow creatures Icon_minitimeSat 14 May - 20:17

Welcome aboard! Very Happy Can't wait to meet you both!
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Hello fellow creatures
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