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 Hallo family

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PostSubject: Hallo family   Hallo family Icon_minitimeThu 25 Feb - 18:53

My name is Malte and I'm from little cold Denmark.
I finished high school 2 years ago and are now taking years of education to travel live life to the fullest and discovering myself. Right now I'm traveling South America and Central America for 4-5 months, so if if anybody are in this small area (haha) and want to meet please write Smile (I'll be in Rio de Janeiro from the 1-5 of March and are the flying off to Bogotá).

Who am I? Yes, how am I? The short answer: I have no clue. But it's a relevant question and I'm trying to figure it out small steps at the time. I have found out that the best way for me to understand myself and others is abroad. That's why I have chosen to take some years of school to travel, explore and evolve. People are being pushed to hard to always strive to be better but we forget to stop and feel what we truly wants. In this big race towards success we give up our happiness and joy of life. Se need more love and care more for each other.
My biggest interest is in nature and how it affects us and how we affect nature. The overexploit of our natural resources are getting out of hand. So if there's is one thing I would like to accomplish with this project it is to create more awareness about overconsumption. I'm not sure if I can teach you so much about nature except of my view and how to make som delicious marshmallows over a campfire Smile but i sure will be apart of hikes, tent sleeping, fishing ect.

My entire life (except the last couple of years) has been dedicated to swimming so I have never had much time to do anything else apart from swimming and studying. So now where I don't swim anymore I have dedicated my life to learning, travel and saving the world Smile. I will be honest, I'm probably not the most talented guy whether it's dance, music or acrobats but I got one hell of a curiosity and a need to find new boundaries. I'm passionated and keen to learn new things. I will bring curiosity, passion and the excitement to spend a year with you guys with me on this trip.

Most love
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PostSubject: Re: Hallo family   Hallo family Icon_minitimeSun 28 Feb - 15:58

Welcome on board Malte! Happy to have you here! Smile
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Hallo family
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