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 Wonderful souls, hello!

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PostSubject: Wonderful souls, hello!   Sun 24 Jan - 21:53

Hello, my name is Betty, I am 19 years old, English, living in England. I’m really grateful for this forum and the opportunity to share and interact with likeminded and like-souled people who are as excited about this nomad tribe concept as I am.

About me?
I was blessed to grow up in a bohemian and open-minded, spiritual, and ever questioning environment created by my beautiful parents, who gave me the tools to turn every experience, however challenging, into a learning opportunity. I’m hungry for experiences! Eager to live other cultures, customs, life styles. I want to question and delight in everything.

I was home-educated until I went to Art College (LOVED it!) where I did two courses, including a 1 year foundation course equivalent to the first year of university but decided ENOUGH. I’m VERY grateful for the educational system, I also recognise the educational system has a looong way to go still, and isn’t for everyone– it certainly wasn’t for the first 16 years of my life! A cliché, but I want to learn from the school of Life!

Because of being home-educated my idea of alternative teaching is very colourful, loud, hands on, using the delight of learning and growing as an incentive to learn. I grew up with a technique called NVC (non-violent communication) allowing needs and feelings to be expressed without conflict. This is also ideal in teaching and living harmoniously with others (and especially at family dinners!!!!).

I am aware with my age comes a lot of inexperience and ignorance, but I was taught that was nothing to be ashamed of. One of my favourite quotes about a zen master talking to a student is, “You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty. Come back to me with an empty mind.” This in mind, I’m proud of the person I am and the how I have dealt with very difficult events in my life, and believe the strength I gained from them makes me someone who thrives from challenges, and grateful for all experiences.
I do have experience travelling – when I was a toddler apparently I tried to jump off the Eiffel tower to my parent’s horror, but more recently I was enchanted by the wonders of Berlin!

What I have to offer?
Art from a mind space often involves learning techniques that can strengthen skills and open up the mind; I can work in traditional, realism oil painting, Illustration, surrealism, abstract; working in varying mediums from oil paints, acrylics, pencil, charcoal, etc.
I can teach about the anatomy for artists, perspective and proportions, and a variety of drawing techniques from continuous line, to shading, negative space, etc.
Art from a heart space; when I do spiritual art, I like to meditate, bless and thank the space, tools, paint and water, then let the painting grow organically without any prior expectations. This is working from a heart space and is incredibly therapeutic and explorative of the self.
I have worked in theatres (and one amateur film) gaining experience in costume, props, and make-up, knowledge which I find incredibly valuable especially as I am told one of the means to earn money for fuel during the tribe’s journey would be putting on shows.

Also last year I worked at three festivals, all spiritual/alternative life-styles, where I helped set up and maintain. I adored the energy and the community feel, working, living, learning and breathing in harmony with wonderful people, this way of existing inspiring me to start looking for my own ‘tribe’.

What I’d love to learn?
I am entirely open and ready to receive any knowledge available, e.g. philosophy, psychology, anything to do with the brain, Cultural anthropology, aromatherapy, natural medicine, languages (French) physics, instruments, and much more.
I hope some of what I’ve said resonates with the tribe, I would love to be a part of this if I am right for you Smile Love, light and gratitudes
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PostSubject: Re: Wonderful souls, hello!   Tue 26 Jan - 16:00

Aaah! Makes me want to be already there!! I can't wait to meet you! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Wonderful souls, hello!   Tue 26 Jan - 18:30

Me too! Very Happy I loved reading what you wrote about yourself on here! Exciting times we're living in Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Wonderful souls, hello!   

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Wonderful souls, hello!
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