L'école Buissonnière

Welcome on our forum! Smile Please feel free to tell your thoughts about the project, ask your questions, etc... but also take time to have fun, enjoy the vibes, and meet the tribe you may join one day! Wink

If you don't know what this is about and randomly bumped here, there are the basic infos: http://www.lecole-buissoniere-99.webself.net/

L'école Buissonnière

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PostSubject: AloooOoone!   AloooOoone! Icon_minitimeFri 11 Dec - 17:06

Bouh, it's so quiet here! Is there something preventing you all from posting? Shyness? Need for explanation? Lack of inspiration? Shocked
Or am I the only geek having easy access to internet?  Sad
The first purpose of this forum is to get to know each others a little, to give some life to this project. I'm quite shy myself, but well, let's give it a try, no? bounce The second purpose is to brainstorm so don't hesitate to open a topic even if you have nothing to say about it, or to write any kind of sentence or idea that pop-out of your mind about anything, we're a group and each one can bring a little something or give a call for ideas.
Anyway, don't be afraid, no one is here to judge you, and we're all equal here. Smile Take a confortable seat and express yourself! You're all really wonderful people and you should really get in touch with each others! Surprised
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