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Welcome on our forum! Smile Please feel free to tell your thoughts about the project, ask your questions, etc... but also take time to have fun, enjoy the vibes, and meet the tribe you may join one day! Wink

If you don't know what this is about and randomly bumped here, there are the basic infos: http://www.lecole-buissoniere-99.webself.net/

L'école Buissonnière

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 Virtual building-camp

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PostSubject: Virtual building-camp   Virtual building-camp Icon_minitimeSun 22 Nov - 22:58

Hello hello!

Here's some pre-projects-building area to drop ideas and updates about general stuffs concerning strange things like "internet", "public relations", "medias", and whatever comes to be needed.

About the forum, it seems that everybody was not so motivated as some didn't register. So yeah, it's a bit sleepy right now. But don't be shy to post, everybody is happy to see a new message on this forum! Smile You can use the floody-flow to get to know each others.
We would need to spread the word a bit better about the school. I'm really not so good in advertisement, it's maybe because I'm so tired of seeing adds I don't feel good when I do it. If you have an advise/suggestion or if you feel like doing it, I would be gratefull! Surprised
No worry, we can take our time to find people really connected to the concept of the project.

I'm thinking also about changing some stuff in the website to make it maybe with a better built description, as maybe the important informations are flowing under a lot of blabla (many people asking when we already started for example...). If you're thinking about something to change, something which were not so understable or anything, now is a perfect time! Smile
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Virtual building-camp
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