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 Dream exercices

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PostSubject: Dream exercices   Dream exercices Icon_minitimeMon 2 Nov - 2:08

Good evening!

Here are some tips to remember dreams and to have more lucid dreams:
- Cause the cycles of sleeping last for approximatly 1h30, if we set an alarm every 1h40 we'll wake up shortly after a dream (there can be some differences between people but we can try to do it together to see if those cycles get synchronized after a while!). Everyone write 3-4 words to remember the thing and falls asleep again (it comes very fast).
After a few days we don't need an alarm anymore, we wake up just after a dream, write it and fall asleep again, after a few more we don't wake up anymore but we remember almost every dreams anyway.

- For lucid dreaming the first step is about finding out that you're dreaming! A good way to find out is to wear a watch! Smile Look at it all the time, and really read the time. If you get used to it you surely will do it in a dream but it will be impossible to read the time (the needles are the same size, or the numbers change everytime you look at it...). I heard that you can't switch the light in dreams but I did once, so I guess it depends on you and what's happenning in your life but the thing is about getting that something can't be real.
Then to control it, it's a bit tricky cause what you think has great chances to happen! For example if you're thinking "I don't want this monster to open the door" you'll actually be thinking about a monster opening the door so the main thing is always to picture solutions and not problems! You can totaly jump from one point of the story to another just by focusing on the happy ending. It's a bit hard not to think about the thing you're seeing in the dream so that's not so easy. The trick is too picture the thing you want behind you or behind a door, or in a box (oh! some dream plasticine! \o/).

Here I already gave a first lesson, youhou! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Dream exercices   Dream exercices Icon_minitimeFri 12 Feb - 0:54

I am very interested in this and would love lessons on it!! Very Happy
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Dream exercices
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